Transform your website into a marketing machine.

Drive user growth

Building a high-growth startup depends on making better decisions, which depends on better customer data. That’s exactly where Leansites is so much different from any other website builder: our true focus is on driving explosive growth. 

You need to effectively acquire users and pump up revenue to make a startup succeed. That’s where Leansites excels.
— Corine, marketeer @company

Integrations overview



KISSmetrics is a customer-focused event tracking tool with simple metrics and reports for each section of your business: individual customers, customer actions and revenue.

Google Analytics is the most popular analytics tool for the web because it’s free and sports a wide range of features. It’s especially good at measuring traffic sources and ad campaigns.

Mixpanel is an event tracking tool targeted at web apps with lots of features: funnel, retention and people tracking; advanced segmentation; and sending email and notifications.

Segment is a data hub that lets you export your data into a plethora of different analytics applications.


Optimizely is a dead-simple A/B testing tool that lets your marketing team test changes on your website in a WYSIWYG editor without having to write any code. 

Inspectlet is a user testing tool that lets you record heatmaps & visitor's browsing sessions so you can understand how they move around and fix the confusing parts!

Qualaroo is a user testing tool that lets you add a survey to any page on your site, so you can get targeted user feedback as the user is performing a task.


SurveyMonkey is some tool I don't even know but it's freaking awesome. is really handy for hooking up even more growth tools. Easy!

Zapier is totally fantastic for marketing automation an such things.

Tool X is really totally the shit. You definitely want to use this.

Holy crap. #Leansites is amazing. We’ve hit all our growth targets, and there’s still 9 days left in this month.
— John, head of growth @growthcaptains

Become a data-driven marketeer.

Accelerated growth

Gather user data so you can track what works and what doesn't. Your whole growth stack is available at the flip of a switch.

Leansites offers very deep integrations with 3rd-party tools. Setting up a new tool costs less than 30 seconds. It doesn't require any technical knowledge.

I implemented our first split test within 10 minutes. It’s cool stuff, and it pays off big time already.
— Sergei, marketeer @company