A robust platform to handle your explosive growth

All the features you want, none of the hassle.


Extremely scalable
Build for startups that need to scale extremely fast. Need to support multiple languages? Your own custom-designed blocks? TechCrunch traffic spikes? We’ve got you covered.

Blazing fast delivery
With distributed CDN your content is served from the user's geographically closest server. Fast page loads improve both SEO performance and conversion rates. 


Mobile responsive
Everything we design will look great on mobile too. It's all fully responsive to work on both mobile, tablet & desktop. 

SEO optimised
Leansites generates static pages that are hosted on a global CDN network, and with clean HTML markup. We take care of boring stuff like robots.txt and sitemaps as well. 

Multiple languages
Our integration with Localize.js allows you to quickly make your website available in multiple languages.