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The only website builder for SaaS startups

designed to drive revenue & growth

Almost every failed startup has a product. What failed startups don’t have is traction — real customer growth.


Too often startups spend months (or years) building a product only to struggle with traction once they launch.

The whole point of a startup is to grow rapidly. They say “traction triumphs everything”, and it’s true: traction brings cash in the bank and investors onboard.

Let’s see how we can get you more traction & growth before the money runs out.

The only essential thing is growth. Everything else we associate with startups follows from growth.
— Paul Graham, founder Y Combinator

Introducing the only website builder for SaaS startups


This is not another landingpage builder — there’s plenty of those already. Leansites is a full-blown website platform tailored to SaaS startups.

Leansites is tailored to startups that have outgrown their landingpage. They need something more solid: more pages, better design, better analytics & tracking. And above all: better conversion and more sales.



Website Builder
Wonderful websites that delight customers

Growth Integrations
Transform your website into a marketing machine

A Proven Platform
All the features you need, none of the hassle

Gorgeous websites that can start driving sales tomorrow.

Create websites for your SaaS startup quickly and easily

Choose from over 100 pre-designed components that you combine together in order to create a website that perfectly tailors to your needs. 
No need to design or develop — you’ll magically create a website that looks like it was poured over by a million-dollar design team.

Our first masterpiece is the website you’re looking at right now. The next one could be yours.



Unleash the power of 20+ growth tools.

Optimise your marketing machine

Leansites’ power lies in deep integrations with leading growth tools, because your your business is driven by customer data. Exploiting your data is essential to increase your conversion rates, find roadblocks to your growth, and know where to find ready and willing customers.

Although growth hacking used to be a serious pain, it will soon be your ultimate superpower: you can now unleash the power of these growth tools with the flip of a switch. Here’s a quick list of our core integrations:

  • Optimizely — A/B testing
  • KISSmetrics — analytics
  • Mixpanel — analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • CrazyEgg — heatmaps
  • Stripe — payments
  • AdRoll — retargeting
  • And 20+ more…

A robust platform to handle your explosive growth

All the features you want, none of the hassle.


Extremely scalable
Build for startups that need to scale extremely fast. Need to support multiple languages? Your own custom-designed blocks? TechCrunch traffic spikes? We’ve got you covered.

Blazing fast delivery
With distributed CDN your content is served from the user's geographically closest server. Fast page loads improve both SEO performance and conversion rates. 


Mobile responsive
Everything we design will look great on mobile too. It's all fully responsive to work on both mobile, tablet & desktop. 

SEO optimised
Leansites generates static pages that are hosted on a global CDN network, and with clean HTML markup. We take care of boring stuff like robots.txt and sitemaps as well. 

Multiple languages
Our integration with Localize.js allows you to quickly make your website available in multiple languages.  


What others say about Leansites

Leansites allows us to launch ideas quickly and cheaply. It’s the fastest way to product-market fit. By far.
— Gary, founder @australiablog
I was ready to pay a design firm 20k for our site redesign. Then we stumbled upon Leansites. It’s by miles the best SaaS tool I’ve found this year.
— Mark, founder @Boxbites

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