Learn Growth Marketing

Become a Growth Hacker
and a Better Entrepreneur

So you built an awesome product, but you're not growing fast enough?


Struggling to make your website sell? You're having a hard time driving serious amounts of traffic? Things are just not moving as fast as you want, and you're rapidly running out of money?

We've been there. It's not pretty.

Let's see how we can get you more sales & growth before the money runs out.


A key insight: Growth solves all problems


Now Fucking Grow is to growth hackers what Codecademy is to coders & what Kahn Academy is to academic sciences: The only place in the world you have to go to learn everything about growth hacking.

It's the growth hub for ambitious tech entrepreneurs.



Growth Essentials – Master essential skills such as analytics, A/B testing and user tracking. Boost your Growth street cred and build your technical marketing mindset.

Outbound channels – The 600lbs Gorillas of Growth that have stood the test of time. These are the juggernauts both startups and Fortune 500 companies rely on to power their growth.

Inbound marketing – Create an content marketing powerhouse, and create a wide following and authority amongst your target audience. Learn both content creation and distribution hacks.

SaaS superchargers – The growth Track on SaaS. We go into excruciating detail to boost your AARRR metrics with onboarding, advanced marketing tactics and more.

Copywriting – This is the #1 growth skill: rearranging words on a page to make things sell. Copywriting is the Strong Sauce of growth. It makes everything better.

Hustlers MBA – Learn the high-level concepts that drive not 10% but 10x growth. Master the strategy level secrets to kick growth in overdrive and become a better entrepreneur.


Industry Leaders – Thought leaders and industry experts teach on the Now Fucking Grow platform. Master your skills by learning from the best.

Community – Deep rolled into the experience is our community: an active place to share ideas, test concepts and connect with likeminded people.

Tech Entrepreneurs Only – By the very nature of high-growth startups we have other requirements than most businesses. 

For that reason our platform is only open to specialised growth experts and elite entrepreneurs. 

6 pillars of growth – Now Fucking Grow is NOT just a set of online courses. We're not teaching you hacks when we can be teaching you strategic insights. We touch on all the 6 Pillars of Growth that you need to master:

  • Sales funnels
  • Outbound
  • Inbound
  • AARRR / back-end funnels
  • Copywriting
  • Strategy
Having users is kinda key to raising more money. Right now traction is everything.
— Steven, growth @Urban Jungle Studios
A beautiful platform aside, the bottom line is that I just started to drive more sales. That’s all I really care about.
— Erik, Head of Biz Dev @ Vicancy
NFG has everything to be the new go-to platform on Growth. StackOverflow for Growth hackers.

Line-up of backers is also impressive!
— Pieter, founder
This allows us to test marketing channels effectively and measuring their success.
— Shaun, CTO @ChaseCRM